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We develop comprehensive business management and operation services; We have multiple strengths in decision-making schemes for directors and partners in the fulfillment of direction and managerial duties.
GST support companies in process management, taking advantage on software’s and tools that optimizing them resources, jointly with company’s operation and administration, partially or totally interacting in various areas of the company


The practice of developing and implementing schemes and processes for different companies that guarantee optimal and adequate performance, with efficient results under any circumstances, is called management consulting.


The design of goals and strategies, which apply assumptions, to prepare budgets, achieving measurable analytical results, improving processes, is what we call at the Firm, setting a course.


When a strategic plan has guidelines and is able to predict adverse circumstances and areas of opportunity, it will always be current
and will adjust quickly to any changes.


Not always developing specific models for companies is enough, on the contrary, carrying out the implementation and advice in the short and medium term, allows not only to test the management model, but also to improve it.


Consulting companies, with schemes based on best practices, with digital technology and adaptable software to each case, set management guidelines aimed at creating value, to make them grow.

Gerardo Sánchez de la Torre


An economist by profession and an industrial engineer by vocation, with postgraduate studies, national and international experience, they have allowed him to lay the foundations of the organization, which bears his surnames for more than four decades. Active entrepreneur, convinced that to achieve goals and better results for the group shall be on base of written documents, able to be analyzed and improved, especially in management processes of different areas and business lines. You daily learn something new, update your self-knowledge and share it. Under this philosophy, with experience in one of the best consulting firms worldwide and at the beginning in a transnational company, he focuses his attention on scientific work, based on quality processes and continuous improvement. Convinced to team up with the workforce, providing them with education, training, updating and constant motivation.

Brands & Companies we work with

More than forty years support us

In the 70’s, a family business avid for growth and diversification arises, focused on construction projects (COFI). By 1988, it was already consolidated, two more companies were created, (LASA), for the commercialization of machinery and (GST), as consolidator and from which the business consulting area emanates. Initially, it offers internal services to the group and subsequently with experience, satisfactory sustainable results, constant updating of its partners and associates, allowing them to share experiences with various clients, including corporations and transnational companies. It is the combination of practice and theory that motivates its partners to continuously update, in most of the operational areas, whose purposes, in addition to offering advice, allow the sharing of knowledge, creating value and social welfare.

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